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Dirk Effler Event

The main focus of the event series “Dirk Effler-Kite-Training” is the fun of kite surfing and individual learning success. Therefore, Dirk Effler offers small, intimate events with a maximum of 10 participants.

The next event will be at the KiteHouse Soma Bay from 05 March till 30 April 2013

African Continental Kite Course Racing Championship

The African Continental Course Racing taking place in Soma Bay this March is expected to be one of the world’s largest kite surfing championships.

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Kitemania “Kite & Golf event

This will be the first Multi-Sport-Event with kiting & golfing sessions in Soma Bay. It will be running from August 8 – 15, 2013

Joe Wilson coaching

This holiday is specifically designed to develop your kitesurfing and geared solely around helping you to achieve your goals.

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Kite Mania “Kite & Dive event”

For the first time Kite Mania offers you the opportunity to take part in a multi sport event in Soma Bay. Not only kiting on the water fascinates you, also you’re interested in diving? Then this event will be the perfect choice for you! The following event dates are planned:

30. May until 6. June 2013
15. until 22. August 2013


The Kitecity VDWS licensed trainers are highly welcome to the 7Bft KiteHouse Soma Bay in March where they perform one of the most effective events all over the world lasting for 4 consecutive weeks at the KiteHouse Soma Bay.

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