The Spot - “A Kite Surfer’s Paradise”

Soma Bay is considered as one of the best kite surfing spots in the world by those in the know. The bay offers fantastic shallow water conditions with crystal clear water, and almost unaffected, capillary sandy beaches. The wind comes predominantly side shore and is comparatively constant with forces from 4 up to 8 Bft. The nearby Red Sea mountains add to the winds but with even in the strongest of winds, the water always stays calm, thereby creating nature’s ideal training and practice conditions.The bay offers enormous space for all and has classified areas for both training and advanced surfers; pros can free their energy and practice their jumps and tricks, while beginners are able to do their first or second steps safely and in undisturbed waters.

If the wind (rarely) becomes too unsupportive, Soma Bay offers a variety of activities that will distract you from a few hours away from kite surfing! Learn more about Soma Bay…

This is the Kite House TEAM – We are a family dedicated to safety, fun, and professionalism. One team…one goal: the sky is the limit. You will always find us behind you in the water, beside you on the beach talking, joking and teaching in German, English, Italian, and Arabic whichever you prefer. One team…one hand!

Equipment & ProShop - “Rent or buy only the best”

The 7Bft Kite House is equipped with the newest equipment by kite surfing leaders, Carved, Core, Best and good boards, all which are available for rent. From boards, kites and accessories, you don’t need to bring your own. Or perhaps you’d just like to try out a new technology, the latest kite model or something new, we’re here to set you up with only the best equipment in all sizes. Of course, if you do bring your own gear, we have storage space for your equipment and we’re also here to repair any damages you may encounter. We have an in house mending service, which will promptly get your kite back in flying condition in no time!

We are very grateful to our Partners who allow us to train to the very highest standards with world class equipment.

Services - “You come first!”

Safety First

Our Kite House team is here to take care of you on shore and on the water. Our Rescue Team and our beach helper, are always keeping an eye on you. Our starting and landing helper will guard you and will not let you out of their sight. Should you need assistance – a simple sign is enough and our rescue boat will be immediately on the spot.
As special service for all our students, all of our teachers have a teaching boat to give support close to the students, even in the deep water.

Food & Beverage

The Kite House restaurant – “The 5th Element” – and rooftop “Sky-bar” will delight and re-energize you. Let the day die away with some chilling beats and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the glassy water and Red Sea mountains. Kilometers of panoramic views are nothing short of breathtaking.

Video & Photo

Our very own Video & Photo team will capture your stay at the 7Bft Kite House so that you can relive your adventures long after you’ve left. Choose from different packages that are sure to make you the envy of your friends when you’re back home!
For all students and advanced kiters a video analyses service is offered, to improve your skills.
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Shuttle Bus

For the daily transportation between the Kite House and your Soma Bay Hotel, continuous shuttle bus service, free of charge, is offered.

Experience the thrill of kitesurfing today!

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